On the importance of names

The difficulty with summarizing a writer’s blog into a title and a quick tagline is that it risks being grandiose in the extreme – ‘Linda McIver Expounds!’ – or confining – ‘Linda McIver on parenting’. Or simply pedestrian. Occasionally you really score and manage both at once, which is a little like having tea and no tea.

It’s like being handed a card to sign and being struck dumb by the pressure of confined space and limited time, plus the 15 witty and erudite comments that came before you Here is your 2 cm of fame. Use them wisely, for you will be judged upon them (if only by yourself!).

I don’t think in headlines, or soundbites. I think in huge, long rambles which may, on a good day, contain grains of interest and the occasional crumb of humour. But you have to grovel around in yards of text to find them, like panning for … well, not even grains of gold. Perhaps atoms.

My particular obsessions as of this moment (subject to change without notice) are parenting, social justice (expect to read a lot about fair trade!), and climate change.

So here is my blog. I am an explorer, and I have tried not to constrain my realm of exploration. Please feel free to join me on my journey.


One thought on “On the importance of names

  1. Reading.
    There lies the path to more gooderer writting.

    ‘cos you’re going on ‘huge, long rambles’, do you have room for a few ‘short wide rambles’ too?

    (‘Expounding’, isn’t that a family court settlement thing? :^)

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