I will not be ashamed, but I will be ANGRY



27 gay couples got married in the ACT in the brief window between it becoming legal for them to do so and the High Court declaring it unlawful.

27 couples experienced, oh so fleetingly, equality with heterosexual couples in the eyes of the law.

27 couples, none of whom I knew, as it happens, but whose emotions I nonetheless recognized, felt a full part of society, just before Tony Abbott made it quite clear it was a glitch that should never have happened. A declaration of humanity that was swept away in a heartbeat.

Tony wants it well understood: gays are not normal. They are not human. They are not full members of society. They have a problem.

Yes, Tony, they do have a problem – and it is you, and all of your ilk.

Tony also wants us to be very clear that asylum seekers, or “illegals” as he would like them, entirely erroneously, to be known, are not human. They are therefore not deserving of respect, compassion, or care from those of us who entered the country legally, or at least by plane, which apparently is the same thing. Luxury yachts we can probably also make allowances for.

It’s only a matter of time before Tony starts gunning for the poor (minimum wage, anyone?), single parents (especially mums, because goodness me, women are scary), public schools (helloooooo & goodbye Gonski), public health, and the environment (who wants a reef anyway? It just gets in the way of all that coal. Hell, there’s probably oil under it somewhere.).

Tony is coming for them. And sooner or later he is coming for you, unless you happen to be male, white, heterosexual and loaded.

Today I am deeply ashamed of our courts and of our government. But I refuse to let them make me ashamed to be Australian. We are compassionate, egalitarian, and fair. We are people, just like gays, refugees and people on the minimum wage. We will not pass by on the other side, and we will not allow Tony Abbott to make us in to something so much less than we can be.

Marriage equality is inevitable, and history will vilify Abbott for his role in delaying it, just as it will one day vilify him for his incredible inhumanity towards people in desperate crisis.

Today I spelt my feelings out in henna on my arm. Love for All. It will fade in 2 or 3 weeks, but my feelings won’t.

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