Easing the sadness

There is so much sadness in the world. A quick scan of a newspaper shows children missing, parents dying, families torn apart. Aching, devastating sadness everywhere you look. Everyone knows someone who is suffering right now. Cancer. Pain. Grief. They’re everywhere.

When I die I want to be able to say: “I made the world a better place. I left it better than I found it. I helped people.” And we, as a nation, have an outstanding opportunity to do just that. To alleviate a little of the sadness in the world. To stretch out our hands, and our hearts, in welcome to people who have already suffered more than we can conceivably imagine. More than we will ever have to experience.

We have the opportunity to create a safe space. To be a warm and welcoming haven. To start the healing process, and to show the world that there are still compassionate, empathic people and places. To be the kind of country that makes the world a little better.

Instead we torture. In the name of a knowing and malicious lie we call “stopping the boats,” we torture men. We torture women. We torture children. We deny them basic human rights. We falsely label them illegals, and we dehumanise them at every turn. We deny them everything, including sympathy.

We have the opportunity to help people. Instead we choose to torture them. Knowingly. Deliberately. Our politicians in both major parties still believe that this sick, sadistic manipulation of our most vulnerable and traumatised human beings will win them votes.

There. Is. No. Excuse.

There can be no explanation.

It must stop.

Call and write to every MP and Senator. Write to newspapers. Tell your friends. Sign every petition. Let’s shake the very heavens with our outrage, and our compassion. Let’s make it political suicide to be cruel to refugees. How hard could it be??


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