In your corner

There is nothing quite so precious as someone who is unequivocally in your corner – every time.

Someone who, when you are afraid to admit how crazy you are, has evidence that they are crazier (there’s nothing quite so entertaining as a crazy-off).

Someone who, when you call them up to say something terrible happened pauses to check if you’re ok before demanding to know who they need to attack on your behalf.

Someone who, even though they live on the other side of the world, always reads your email regardless of how busy they are, and replies straight away when you need them.

Someone who would never believe anything bad about you, and will do battle with anyone who says differently.

Someone who, in loving you absolutely, is also not afraid to wield the frying pan of enlightenment when you’re not thinking straight.

Someone who will tell you you’re being an idiot – and they should know, because they have been that exact type of idiot many times.

Someone who listens to you pour your heart out about negative feedback, sympathizes just the right amount, and then makes you look for the positives, because she knows they’re there somewhere.

Someone who brings out the best in you, just by knowing it’s there.

Someone who can make you feel the sun behind the clouds, even during a rainstorm.

Someone who is some of these things, or all of them.

Someone who reminds you how lucky you really are.

Someone who reminds you that, actually, your corner is quite full of the most amazing people, even on days when you were feeling most alone.

There is nothing quite so precious as the people who are unequivocally in your corner – every time.





2 thoughts on “In your corner

  1. muir2013

    Cosy and crowded ‘corners’ are not bolt-holes, they are free ranges. Wonderfully and wildly so. How lucky you are to recognise those friends who not only seek solace in being there but reassurance by going there. Love for friends is not often expressed so eloquently, Thanks Lin

    1. lindamciver

      I love that term – free ranges describes it perfectly. Thank you for being one of my free range crew. xx

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