When the going gets tough, the tough get huggy

There’s so much to be angry about these days. There are terrorists. There are people saying stupid things about terrorists. There are people saying stupid things about people who aren’t terrorists. There are people saying stupid things about people who probably weren’t terrorists before but are getting really cranky now. There are politicians saying stupid things about absolutely everybody, even themselves.

And then there are personal things, much closer to home, that really make you want to haul off and hit someone. Sometimes it feels like the world needs a damned good pummeling to teach it a lesson.

Yesterday, feeling miserably ill, I wound up shouting at my kids like a feral monster. And they went forth, no doubt, feeling angry and miserable. Maybe they passed it on, or maybe they didn’t, but the start of their day kinda sucked, and that must have all kinds of flow on effects. All because I was angry and miserable and shared it around.

We all have angry moments. And it feels good, no doubt about it, to lash out when you’re angry and hurting. But lashing out, in the end, leads to more lashing out.

And the one mistake you made was just enough.And that one mistake was, Boy, you talked too tough.Only takes a single bulletBring the fastest trigger down.

Heartbreak Kid, Icehouse.

A single bullet brings a bullet in return. A slap breeds another slap. Anger is like a virus, self-replicating until it overtakes the entire organism, killing it and moving onto the next host. Goodness knows we’ve been feeding the virus all kinds of nourishing fodder for quite some time now.

Pauline Hanson. Donald Trump. Even Tony Abbott. They’re all signs – vituperative, execrable signs – that we’re mad and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

And we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t take it anymore. But by slapping, hitting, even just shouting, all we’re doing is asking to be slapped, hit, and shouted at more.

So I propose we stop. We take a deep breath. And we ask if the world would actually like a hug.

Yep. It hurts. So many things hurt. Let’s not hurt even more. Instead let’s pause, open our arms, and say “Yep, it hurts. I hear you. Tough times, sure enough. Wanna hug?”

Shouting, slapping and shooting? I think we have an oversupply. But the world can always use more hugs.




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